While there are many models and programs around that try and give children these fundamental assets, few are as comprehensive and affordable as b.i.k.e. Bicycles and Ideas for Kids Empowerment. Through an innovative program with national recognition ranging from the US Olympic Training Center to the Oprah show, b.i.k.e. enhances the fundamental elements of resiliency and much more.

The bicycle is a tool that we use to encourage children to race after all kinds of dreams. It draws out the children's strength and courage, and challenges their fear. Bicycling is both individually driven (competing with yourself) and team driven (competing with others). It teaches discipline, teamwork, leadership, and self-confidence. b.i.k.e. is much more than bicycles though; the organization provides mentors, academic tutoring, career guidance and workplace skills, and ample opportunity to practice newfound skills and abilities. While we have awarded many cash college scholarships, we still only dream of an ongoing college scholarship fund.

Through our core program and two main ancillary programs (please see our individual program summaries for further information), b.i.k.e. makes a strong, individualized commitment to each rider.

We teach them personal empowerment, which leads to transformation in their lives. As we like to say, The children are in training for life's cycles.

Our lofty outcomes are built upon a solid foundation of research-proven strategies for helping at-risk youth become productive, pro-social, powerful members of their communities.