Bicycling scholarships are virtually unheard of in this country. Thus, in order to provide year-round participants with increased access to educational opportunities, we identify individual donors to direct their gift to the college-bound student. This provides team members with several outcomes even before post-high-school education is undertaken. They have an increased sense of hope, greater achievement motivation, and they are inspired to take responsibility for their grades and lives.

Program Elements

  • Eligibility for award
  • b.i.k.e. participant
    • Leader potential
    • Community service
    • Academic competence
    • Apply for 3 other scholarships
  • Financial aid application help
  • Career counseling
  • Bicycle training for possible scholarship
  • Speaking engagements

Program Outcome

  • Achievement motivation
  • Better grades
  • Hope – future sense of self
  • Responsibility
  • Optimism
  • Happiness
  • College education
  • Community connections

Key Data

  • Number children served: 6
  • Age of children: 17-19
  • Gender %: male% 83.3% female% 16.7%
  • Ethnicities: 83.3% African American and 16.7% Caucasian.