Rollers 101

Positioned in youth and community centers around Portland, children have the opportunity to learn about the sport of bicycling through riding stationary bikes (Rollers) with one-on-one training. Bicycling magazines and videos are also available so that children may witness what the sport is really like. Year-round component members participate as trainers in this program.

Program Elements

  • Stationary bicycles
  • Selling cycling
    • o Video: Bike race
    • o Bicycling magazines
  • Trainers: 1:1

Program Outcomes

  • Physical fitness
  • Fun
  • Bicycling as hobby/sport
  • Teamwork skills

Key Data

  • Number children served: 50/year
  • Age of children: 12 -16
  • Gender: male 50% female 50%
  • Length of program: Drop in
  • Ethnicities: 50% African American, 50% Caucasian
  • Length of sessions: 20 minutes to 2 hours
  • Staff to child ratio: 1:1