Kids on Bikes USA

This 6 week, 6 hours a day, 4 days a week intensive summer camp program provides children with bicycle skills, physical fitness, self-confidence, fun, and valuable time spent in a pro-social activity. Children learn about the sport of bicycle racing on a soccer field and/or a large paved area. The USA Olympic Training Center created the program called “Kids on Bikes.” b.i.k.e. adapted and implemented the program and is now considered to be the National Model endorsed by USA Cycling at the Olympic Training Center. The program is provided by b.i.k.e. at no cost to participants, who are economically disadvantaged. Year- round component members participate as coaches in this program. Offering these children intense, long-term, positive interaction with adult role models and younger peer “clients” in a fun, safe environment provides benefits well beyond bicycle skills and fun in the sun.

Program Elements

  • On the road bike safety
  • Bike form instruction
  • Bike racing
    • Race training
    • Racing experience
  • Physical and Nutrition training
  • “How to be supportive” education
  • Introduction to college locations

Program Outcomes

  • Skill: Bike Safety
    • Commuting
    • Bike form
    • Stretching
  • Knowledge: Nutrition
    • Physical Fitness
    • Self-Efficacy
  • Prevention: time spent in pro-social activity

Key Data

  • Number children served: 200
  • Age of children: 10 – 16
  • Gender:
  • female 50%
  • male 50%
  • Ethnicities: 85% African American, 7% Haitian, 2% Native American, 6% Caucasian
  • Length of program: 6 weeks
  • Length of sessions: 6 hours
  • Staff to child ratio: 1:10