is an inner city cycling team in Portland, Oregon. We emphasize Benevolence, Good Form, Simplicity, and Team. Though we have led the Nation with USA Cycling's summertime day camp "Kids on Bikes," development camps like the Nike Cycling Camp, or the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association Regional Development Camp, and our year round ongoing Saturday breakfast rides that pump out Oregon State Champions year after year, since "NineOneOne" we would have to say funding has all but dried up. Thanks to our wonderful relationship with Portland's miracle working after school program, Self Enhancement inc., b.i.k.e. survives. Their collaboration and contracting of b.i.k.e. staff and equipment, helps us to continue to support the children we love. Focusing all of our attention and fiscal might on this summer's Kids on Bikes Camp, Tuesday night Velodrome practices, and the Core Kids remaining races, Angel, Nissy and Justin's Mountain Bike development, and Cyclocross Nationals, we look to the future with Prayers for a Miracle. If all our new friends from around the Nation who read about us in Parade, supported us with $10 today, our Miracle might be upon us. Given the chance, this little organization of volunteers, with the help of like minded organizations like the Major Taylor Scholarship Foundation in Indiana, and Major Motion in LA, will change the face of American Cycling. We will create a pipeline of ethnicity and disability friendly development in Cycling from America's inner cities, all the way to Europe. We need dollars to keep the doors open, keep the gas on, and feed all these famished kids that show up every Saturday morning. All of our donors are kept up to date with regular update letters and photos. Please America, make another miracle happen. Call, write, or wire a donation today or if possible please donate via paypal using the button below. Paypal is a trusted, secure, and free method for making payments over the internet.